What Our Clients Say

  • Dave & Lauren Perrin

    Dave & Lauren Perrin

    Marc and Linda from Cabinet Revisions did a Fantastic Job. Not only did they work within our budget – they assisted us in choosing the style and finish that was right for matching the floors, existing paint colors and countertops. Their quote was fair, work was neat, organized and timely, not to mention flawless. Marc even did both of our bathroom vanities within our budget as well as the kitchen so that we had completely new cabinets throughout the house. The attention to detail in the preparation was definitely seen in the finished product and these are traits that only a true artist employs. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for true quality.
  • Mary & Horst Strumlinger

    Mary & Horst Strumlinger

    Knew of Cabinet Revisions for years, but were not ready for this project until recently. They are very professional, helpful on helping you pick colors. He will always return your calls, and is very patient even with people like me that have OCD. You still are able to use your kitchen while they are working on it, which is a plus over tearout. Marc the owner is a true artist. I had many choices including turning my white painted cabinets into any type wood tone or antique look, but for me just ended up having them painted a warm color. It is a factory finish he puts on the cabinets....I believe it is better than the finish that was on the cabinets when they were new. It was about a two week project ...but like I said still able to use your kitchen the whole time. Marc at Cabinet Revisions transformed my white sterile looking kitchen into a warm, tradtional, and elegant kitchen. If you are looking to update without the messy, time consuming inconvenience of not using your kitchen, then talk to Marc at Cabinet Revisions. You will be amazed at the different techniques and ideas he has. I also liked the fact that he is a detail person, as every little detail is a big deal to me. Marc was wonderful to work with, and treated my kitchen as if it was his own kitchen.
  • Jennifer & Tom – The Peninsula

    Jennifer & Tom – The Peninsula

    We honestly can’t say enough about our experience with Marc and Linda. Marc’s craftsmanship is above and beyond what we anticipated. His recommendations, suggestions and extreme patience were appreciated throughout the entire job. You probably could have a painter come in and quote a much lower price but don’t do it – it is not the same. His expertise, professionalism, and unique process will make your cabinets, bookshelves, mantle etc. look brand new and not just “painted over” ...there is a difference!!I was amazed by how he worked around us and not us having to work around him. There was never a time that we could not use the kitchen, smell any kind of paint fumes or be concerned for our 5 year-old or pets’ safety. His honesty and integrity were never once questioned and he was true to his estimate and timeframe. As a working couple those qualities are priceless!You will be amazed how a simple upgrade can transform your home - whether trying to sell in an extremely competitive market or like us ...just sitting back and enjoying what feels like a NEW home for many years to come! Thanks Marc and Linda.
  • Geri,  Park Crossing

    Geri, Park Crossing

    Marc is a Master craftsman. He takes great pride in his work from planning and preparation to completion. We are very pleased with the final product. Our 14 year old kitchen now has fresh updated look.
  • Stacey & Michael Jenks – The Peninsula

    Stacey & Michael Jenks – The Peninsula

    Marc was extremely professional and patient in working through the finish selection with us. We appreciated the time that he took to create the various samples and discuss how to get the perfect look. Additionally, Marc was very quick, tidy and trustworthy. We'd recommend him to a friend in a heartbeat.
  • Ed & Robin - The Peninsula

    Ed & Robin - The Peninsula

    We have worked with dozens of subcontractors on a large renovation. Dealing with Marc Blickenstaff was a pleasure – he had great ideas, his work is excellent, and he was very professional. Marc was always on time, focused on our job, and completed the work on schedule and on budget.
  • Gene & Ana Sholtis - The Links at Birkdale

    Gene & Ana Sholtis - The Links at Birkdale

    We explored different options to change the appearance of our kitchen cabinets, island, etc and, from a flyer in our mail box, happened to see the option of painting with Cabinet ReVisions. Although I was skeptical initially, meeting Marc and reviewing the project, we were immediately very comfortable. A long story short, we left for a short vacation on a Monday and returned on Friday to find the job completed. (Not very often would I ever give the key to my house to anyone!) Marc and Linda were exceptional to work with and we could not be more pleased with the results and quality of the job. The cost was far below what other methods we considered and, again, the quality was outstanding. We advised Marc that we could be used for a reference anytime and open for any of his potential customers to view our project if desired. Finally, thanks Marc and Linda for your professionalism and quality job (not to mention watering our plants and feeding our fish while we were on vacation).
  • Ben & Elena Pickering

    Ben & Elena Pickering

    We recently embarked upon a major kitchen renovation project which included new flooring, new countertops and all new appliances. We really were torn on what to do with our kitchen cabinets. Everyone told us that our cabinets were of a high quality, however we really could not renovate and leave them the same color. We were suddenly faced with the daunting consideration and expense of tearing out and replacing our cabinets. Fortunately we were told about the option of painting the existing cabinets which could be accomplished at a fraction of the cost of full replacement. We were lucky enough to be put in contact with Marc Blickenstaff at Faux Seasons. Marc and his wife Linda simply did an outstanding job in helping us transform our kitchen through the very detailed process of painting our cabinets. What impressed us the most was the disciplined process they used together with an extraordinary attention to detail. They delivered the exact look and feel we were expecting and continually met or exceeded our expectations throughout the process. We would highly recommend Marc and Linda to help you to discover how to transform your kitchen through cabinet repainting.
  • Bob & Pat Fletcher,   The Peninsula

    Bob & Pat Fletcher, The Peninsula

    Marc & Linda,Thank you both for the great job on refinishing our cabinets. Just as you said, “they look elegant”. It was a pleasure working with the Faux Seasons team. Please feel free to use us as a reference.
  • Wil Brawley

    Wil Brawley

    Marc, we love the cabinets. And we can't thank you enough for working on Saturday and Sunday to finish them before we returned home. We would recommend Faux Seasons to anybody and we are happy to be a reference.
  • Domineec and Bill Heisel

    Domineec and Bill Heisel

    Hi Marc,Just a note to let you know how much we love our cabinets. The process and change in our kitchen is remarkable. We have gone from stark white and de-laminating to french country in a few weeks. The workmanship and character that our kitchen now portrays is astounding. We departed builder quality and have arrived at custom for a fraction of the cost. We could not be more happy. Please let us know if we can showcase for you or a perspective client. Thanks for all you have done.
  • Dr. Robin Stone - Wynfield

    Dr. Robin Stone - Wynfield

    It was evident from the moment I met Marc he was proud of his work, when he was finished it was clear why. He was eager to please, always with my ultimate satisfaction in mind. He was personable, reliable, and consistently professional; I intend to refer him to others with my highest recommendation.
  • Joann & Rick

    Joann & Rick

    Marc,I just wanted to thank you and your wife for doing such an excellent job on our cabinets. I know we had a lot of cabinets to refinish, but they all turned out exactly the way I had envisioned. I cannot tell you how pleased I am when I walk into the kitchen or any of the bathrooms. I am so happy not to look at that orangy oak anymore. The finish I chose turned out perfect, in my opinion. The house looks brand new, and I appreciate your help in making it happen. You and your wife were an absolute pleasure to work with. It's nice when you meet people who smile and talk to you. I got a true sense that you really enjoy your line of work. It not only showed in your craftsmanship, but in your personalities as well. Thanks again for a job well done, and I hope to use your faux painting in the near future.
  • Wil Brawley

    Wil Brawley

    Marc, we love the cabinets. And we can't thank you enough for working on Saturday and Sunday to finish them before we returned home. We would recommend Faux Seasons to anybody and we are happy to be a reference.
  • S&R - The Peninsula

    S&R - The Peninsula

    The work that Marc did on our cabinets was truly exceptional. He converted our dated white cabinets into a very contemporary antiqued light beige look that beautifully matched our countertops and floors in the kitchen, guest bath, family room and master bath. His work was a wonderful combination of technology (in terms of preparation and application) and "old world" craftsmanship. Marc was a joy to work with as he is truly a perfectionist who takes enormous artistic pride in his work and this was clearly reflected in the beautiful cabinets he created for us.
  • Sean & Judy Beatty, Lookout Point

    Sean & Judy Beatty, Lookout Point

    Working with Marc was a great experience. After doing a kitchen renovation when we moved into our new home, we were left with the 'white wall unit and fireplace surround' that did not flow with the new cherry cabinets. Marc was able to transform both so that the wood consistency brought all the rooms together. As an added bonus, Marc suggested we mimic the granite countertops as the top on the wall unit, which I must say I didn't have the vision for, but in the end it looked awesome. I love telling my friends it is paint because it is that good. The red brick fireplace was also dated and I wanted more of a stone look. Through a multistep process and Marc's artistic ability, he was able to give me that look. He really takes the time to listen to what your needs and concerns are and works with you to achieve your goal.
  • Judy Psaros

    Judy Psaros

    I would highly recommend Marc Blickenstaff and his company Faux Seasons. Marc just completed faux finishing my white Canac brand kitchen cabinetry and my mantle/bookcases in the living room. At first, I was very wishy-washy as to what I wanted. Marc was extremely patient and had a vision that surpassed my greatest expectations. He also responded extremely quickly to all my questions and came over several times until I made up my mind as to the color and technique selection.Marc and his wife Linda were punctual, tidy, professional, artistic and a pleasure to work with. This finishing process is a great alternative to cabinetry replacement. I checked out refacing and replacing and am very pleased that Marc was able to give me the WOW that I was looking for with his cabinet refinishing.
  • Denise & John - The Point

    Denise & John - The Point

    Great work Marc. We wanted a "Wow" powder room and that's exactly what you gave us! And, you saved us from having to replace the fireplace mantle by completely transforming it to just what we wanted. It now perfectly complements the room and our furnishings. Many thanks.
  • Jean Wood

    Jean Wood

    Dear Marc,I want to thank you for making our kitchen and den so beautiful. You worked very hard, and did a beautiful job that we will enjoy for many years to come. You were also a pleasure to have around, and to get to know. With much gratitude...
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