1. Will your products adhere to my cabinets?
This is the most critical consideration. After a thorough cleaning and sanding, we use several types of primers depending on what surface you have.

2. Do I have to empty all the cabinets or the drawers?
No. We remove all the doors, hardware, and drawer fronts and cover the contents of the boxes and drawers but still give you access to the insides.

3. What about my new floors, counter tops and appliances?
Again, we mask everything and paper the floors while still providing access to your sinks and appliances etc.

4. Where do you take my doors and drawer fronts?
We usually remove them to our shop for finishing and sometimes set up a spray area on site as the need arises.

Garcia Cabs

5. How can you spray inside my home?
All the products we use are non-toxic, water based with low odor, and are perfect for inside the home. By using the latest HVLP spray equipment, we can keep the overspray to an absolute minimum and still give you a multi-layered custom factory sprayed finish.

6. Will your finishes last?
One of the main reasons we started this division of the company was because of the increased quality of the professional materials available today. The products we use are all commercial grade and are intended to perform similar to a factory finish.

7. What steps or layers does your typical finish include?
For a typical stressed and antiqued finish it goes something like this: Cleaning and prep, masking, three coats primer, stressing, sanding, toner stain, barrier coat, antiquing layer, two coats sealer, final sanding, two final clear coats, re-assembly.

8. What do you mean by “Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Systems”?
Since we use the latest in waterbased technology, all products are non-toxic, “Greengard” Certified and therefore easy on the environment. Also, since we are installing our finishes on existing cabinetry, it is the best form of recycling and no trees have to be cut down.

9. How much did you say we could save?
Well in a rough sense: If replacing your cabinets was $30,000 and re-facing them was $15,000, I could re-finish them for several thousand dollars less, and probably include some other pieces as well – all done in a custom finish created just for you.